Corruption suspect Abdul Karim Batatawala wants to gag the Nation newspaper for its reporting on him which he says paints him as a corrupt businessman and Malawi’s biggest fraudster.

Batatawala, who is accused along with three others of defrauding the Malawian government of K1.5 billion, wrote to the media house to protest his reporting and inform him of his intention to take legal action. justice.

The businessman in the letter expressed concern over an article titled “Batatawala Tops Government Claims List”.

He argues that the article only quoted Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda but made no effort to contact Batatawala about the allegation, even though the AG is also a party to the matter which is before the court.

Batatawala also claimed that the K250 billion he would claim is a “wrong figure”, but the newspaper claimed the amount would be enough to carry out projects at the Ministry of Health to anger Malawians.

He also raised concerns about another article about a court ruling published in February this year, two months after the ruling was handed down.

According to Batatawala, he fears judges and members of society will be swayed by the Nation Newspaper’s coverage.

“Unprofessional and biased reporting could cause our clients’ partners to decide to cease doing business with our clients’ businesses, which would have a serious impact on our clients’ constitutional right to do business.

“Finally, said unprofessional and biased reporting, which is clearly intended to incite anger against our client, could result in violent mob action against our client, his family members and their property. This would result in the criminal liability of the directors of NPL, its editors and relevant reporters,” reads part of the letter dated March 4, 2022 and signed by Batatawala attorney Henry Phoya.

Batatawala, through his lawyer, has since demanded that an NPL apology be published in all publications within the next seven days.

“If there is no action to comply with our request set out above within the stated time frame, we will assume that you are unwilling to resolve this matter amicably, and we will pursue legal action without any further recourse against you,” reads part of the statement.

Court refuses to absolve Batatawala of corruption case