story by Matt Pilger, editor

The Audrain County Sheriff’s Department Training Home hosted the final meeting of Audrain County Municipalities on Monday, October 17, 2022. The theme of the meeting was very much focused on health care and speakers spoke about the new and ongoing services offered in Audrain County.

Audrain County Residents Offered New and Improved Live Healthy Discount Program

All Audrain County residents are now eligible to receive prescription discounts at no cost, regardless of age, income, or whether they are insured or uninsured. The only restriction is that they live in Audrain County. Montgomery and Callaway counties are also participating.

Audrain County Associate Commissioner Tracy R. Graham recently heard about the program at the National Counties Associations Meeting and felt it was a great opportunity for County Audrain residents. Audrey. Graham says “As a priority to improve health care in Audrain County, the Live Healthy program through our membership in the National Counties Association seemed like a great opportunity to help citizens get discounts that , otherwise, might not be available to them.”

Audrain County Associate Commissioner Leslie Meyer spoke at the Audrain County Municipalities meeting on Monday, October 17 and said, “I am delighted that we can maximize our membership. to NACO to help every resident of Audrain County. With rising prescription drug costs, insurance premiums and inflation, our residents need help saving money where possible. »

Audrain County Presiding Commissioner Alan Winders said, “This program is worthwhile for all of our residents, including those on Medicare. According to our NACO representatives, residents experiencing a donut period on their coverage can use the discounts to help cover prescription drug costs as well as dental or health discounts.

Residents who have insurance can also use the discount card when their medications are not covered by their insurance plan. It is also available for pets.

According to the brochure, residents can save an average of 30% on drug prices when they show their prescription discount card at the pharmacy.

The second part of the program offers discount programs on dental and health care.

The program offers low-cost dental discounts where residents can save up to 50% on most dental services at over 11,000 dentists and specialists.

Services include routine and extensive exams, cleanings for children and adults, oral x-rays, simple root canal extractions, complete upper dentures and more.

Other low-cost discounts include vision, hearing, diabetes supplies, and telemedicine.

Pamphlets can be picked up at various locations in County Audrain, including the County Audrain Courthouse and City Halls in Mexico City, Benton City, Farber, Martinsburg, Laddonia, Vandalia. Other locations include County Audrain Public Health Department, Cornerstone Family Medicine, County Audrain Courthouse, Mexico City Senior Center, Webber Pharmacy, with more locations added daily.

The brochures contain the prescription discount card which can be cut out. Residents can enroll in these programs online at or by calling 1-877-321-2652.

Craig Brace, Audrain County Administrator and CEO

Another speaker at the County Audrain Municipalities Meeting was Craig Brace, Administrator and CEO of the County Audrain Health Department. Brace has been in his current position since November 2020. He told the audience “I am extremely lucky to have joined a team that is ready and able to face a pandemic. They are just outstanding. As a team we have fought a good fight and prevented the spread of COVID-19 in many ways, many of which were behind the scenes to protect the privacy of individuals and organizations. I couldn’t be more proud of the team.

He also told the crowd that Audrain County currently ranks 80th out of 115 counties in Missouri for overall health outcomes. Brace said: “We believe this ranking can be improved in the years to come through collaboration with many other like-minded agencies in the county who have a vested interest in seeing our ranking of health outcomes and the quality of lives of our county residents improve.Our vision for the Audrain County Health Department is to increase our overall health ranking to 75th place over the next few years.The Top Three Health Factors driving the current ranking are adult smoking, adult obesity and physical inactivity.

The County Health Rankings, a program of the University of Wisconsin’s Institute of Population Health, measures the health of nearly every county in the country and ranks them within states. The rankings are compiled using county-level metrics from various national and state data sources. These measurements are standardized and combined using scientifically informed weights.

The county health rankings are based on a community health model that emphasizes the many factors that influence the length and quality of our lives. The rankings use more than 30 measures that help communities understand the current health status of their residents (health outcomes) and what will affect their health in the future (health factors).

There are many things that influence our well-being and how long we live. Everything from our upbringing to our environment has an impact on our health. Health factors represent things that we can change to improve the length and quality of life for County Audrain residents. They are predictors of the future health of our communities.

Dr. Alexander Finck talks about Cornerstone Family Practice Clinic continuing to be strong after a year in business

Dr. Alexander Finck was born and raised in Mexico and was also a guest speaker at the Audrain County Municipal Meeting. Dr. Finck opened his clinic in September 2021. He told the audience, “Cornerstone Family Medicine is an independent family medicine clinic, created to provide seamless, affordable health care on your terms. We charge a fixed, easy-to-budget monthly fee. which replaces your office visit fee or co-pay and works well for those with and without insurance Although the monthly fee is cash/credit only, you can use your insurance for most other things at our clinic, including including labs, imaging and diagnostic tests – – although we have low prices (eg $27 for an annual lab panel) that often exceed insurance prices. We offer same day or next day appointments. Whether it’s over the phone, in the clinic, or even at your home or office, we’re here to provide personalized, prompt care when you need it most.”