Courtesy of Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is set to receive a $29 million grant to help deal with the negative impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Brian Kemp announced this week that a total of $415 million would be awarded to nonprofits, government organizations and local businesses to help offset the economic damage caused by COVID-19. Funding comes from the American Rescue Plan Act.

“State funding is equivalent to approximately 60 million meals. This support will ensure that the food bank maintains sufficient inventory to meet the needs of Georgians facing food insecurity,” Kyle Waide, president and CEO of Community Food Bank of Atlanta, said in a press release. .

About 715,000 households in the Atlanta metro area live in food insecure conditions, Waide said. The situation is even worse for the state’s younger populations, with more than 221,000 children in metro Atlanta forced to start or end the day without the food they need, Waide said. .

The ACFB and other food banks are also facing economic challenges in helping those in need due to high rates of inflation as more and more people face soaring food prices, gasoline and housing.

The ACFB said the grant money will go towards the purchase of food that will complement the products it receives from other donations. Before the pandemic, the food bank spent about $2 million a year on these additional products.

Spurred by the complications of the pandemic, the disrupted supply chain and increased demand from the general public, the organization has been driven to increase its spending on food purchases to approximately $13 million each year, representing a nearly 600% increase from pre-COVID levels. .

Funding from the American Rescue Plan Act will allow the food bank to purchase nutritious food that can be provided to its network of 700 food programs and community partners in 29 counties. =

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