At the December 2020 winter solstice, locked up during the pandemic in Athens, Ohio, Fiona Avocado, an engraving student in the Masters of Visual Arts at Ohio University, was pondering what she wanted for her late birthday. February. Fiona wanted a collection of tiny prints and decided to make it a reality by hosting the Itty Bitty Print Exchange (the name Tiny Print Exchange already existed, the name “itty bitty” came from looking for “tiny” in the thesaurus .)

The exchange was posted to Instagram as an open call in January 2021. What was unexpected was the immense and wide interest in participating. This exchange brings together seventy-seven artists from five countries. The artists of the exchange created prints using a wide range of analog printing media: screen printing, relief printing, intaglio, lithography, letterpress, risography, printing on glass, etc. What is beautiful about this exchange is not only its vastness, but also the different images and perspectives in response to the prompt “Another world is possible”.

The Itty Bitty Print Exchange is a traveling show, so none of the pieces in the show are for sale. However, if there is one piece that appeals to you, all artists’ websites and / or Instagram IDs are listed.

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The exhibition will be presented from January 4 to 28 in the Arts West gallery.