Why were anti-vaccine propaganda brochures from a Florida-based natural health company distributed in a neighborhood in Ahwatukee?

PHOENIX – Ahwatukee resident Jennifer Salome was confused when she recently found a brochure in her neighborhood saying her people dying of COVID-19 were nothing more than “fake news.”

She knows people who have contracted the virus and has seen it affect people in her community. So Salomé did not understand why this literature suddenly appeared on her doorstep.

Like most Arizonans, Salome’s life was turned upside down two years ago when COVID-19 began to spread around the world.

“Learning to be a (remote) worker was a challenge,” said Salomé. “The change is constant and there has been a learning curve.”

Many Arizonans stayed indoors and began working remotely. The students were sent home to take online classes. Life was full of uncertainties.

“My son got it. My dad got it. My sister got it. A lot of people in my community and the husband of my former boss died from it, ”said Salomé.

Then came the COVID-19 vaccines and overwhelming scientific evidence that getting vaccinated could get us all back on track. But with the vaccine, came the plot and the doubt.

Salomé is vaccinated and boosted.

“I would rather take the risk of having a sore arm and feeling tired for a few days rather than not breathing because that scares me,” said Salomé.

COVID-19 disinformation leads to division and a sense of déjà vu

Almost two years after the start of the pandemic and the highly contagious variant of omicron is now raging in the valley. In the first week of the New Year, Arizona reported more than 60,000 new cases.

Earlier this week, Salomé found a brochure hanging from the handle of her front door along with a newspaper from The People’s Chemist titled “Straight Talk – What’s in the Covid-19 Vaccine?” ”

“I was wondering if we were in Russia or something like that because that’s how they distributed propaganda,” Salome said. “At least that’s what I learned when I was a kid.”

The Florida-based company is owned by Shane Ellison, according to its website. He describes himself as a chemist specializing in hormones and weight loss.

However, inside the seven-page document was a world of anti-vaccine propaganda claiming that big pharmaceutical companies are using COVID-19 vaccines to “exploit the masses.”

“The ruling class will continue to push vaccines, control global economies and grab global resources as long as our collective and willful ignorance of big-drug imperialism remains,” says Ellison. “The reported deaths from Covid are nothing more than fake news from profit-hungry advertising agencies around the world …”

Living in an alternate reality

“There are no mass deaths from the vaccine,” Salome said. “But there are mass deaths from COVID.”

To date, 24,616 Arizonans have lost their lives to the virus and around 5.5 million worldwide.

In Ellison’s article, he claims COVID-19 is like the flu.

Why is the People’s Pharmacist sending propaganda to the Arizonans?

12 News reached out to Ellison via his website number and email. A voicemail message read: “We will probably not come back to your answer. There are a lot of people to help. However, most of your answers can be found in Shane’s book.

So far, the company has not responded to an email.

The reality of COVID-19 vaccines

“The unvaccinated person is perhaps 30 times more likely to die,” said Dr. Richard Carmona, former U.S. Surgeon General and head of the Arizona COVID-19 task force. With the increase in cases, Carmona and state health officials are imploring everyone to get vaccinated.

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Covid-19 vaccine

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