Titled Brico.01, the monochrome artwork stands 1.5 meters tall and is printed by People Powered Press, Bentley’s other business and which also happens to be the largest such printing operation, apparently owning a world record.

“With nearly endless possibilities for letter shapes, weights, sizes, and styles, it was created so everyone could share in the joy of type design,” says Bentley. “It will be used to create large-scale artwork and murals with community groups, extending People Powered Press’ mission to amplify voices and spread words worth spreading.

Burrill adds, “As soon as I heard about People Powered Press, I had to see it in person and meet the people behind it. It seemed like a crazy idea. Who in sane mind would go into such a business “When I met Oli, everything made sense. I’m impressed. It’s an incredible feat of engineering and ambition, to take the typography process and take it into new and exciting territory.”

Only one copy of each A-Z print/letter is available for sale. All proceeds will support the community work of People Powered Press. Email the team at [email protected] for rates and available letters.

Additionally, the trio created The Brico01 System Book, a limited edition, signed and numbered publication that was produced to document the making of this first set of alphabet prints. It showcases the complete series in glorious detail and provides insight into the creation of the system with words from Anthony Burrill. You can grab a copy via the Split website.

For those of you who wish to design your own letterforms with the Brico system, you can do so via split.co.uk/brico.