Minneapolis, MN – Please join us in congratulating 2022 McKnight Book Artist Fellows, CB Sherlock and Corinne Teed! CB is a typographer, book artist and paper engineer, and Corinne is a research-based artist working in printmaking, book arts, temporal media and social practice.

CB and Corinne will both receive $25,000 in unrestricted funds to explore and deepen their artistic practice through our partnership with the McKnight Foundation, which annually supports two outstanding Minnesota artists. The couple will also receive a range of professional benefits through the MCBA, including studio visits from a national book arts figure, travel fees, participation on an artist panel at Open Book, funding for artwork documentation, 24/7 studio access for two years, career consultation and residency opportunity.

According to CB Sherlock, the McKnight Fellowship in Book Arts will give her the chance to take risks and make the bold choices needed to initiate larger-scale projects. “As I generate more work and the reach expands, I am excited about the opportunities to collaborate with other talented artists and technicians on my projects,” CB shares. “I work in the community, draw, develop my technical skills and create innovative book structures.”

During their McKnight fellowship year, Corinne Teed will develop a series of collaborative books. Currently in production is a collaborative woodblock print book with McKnight 2021 fiction writer Abbey Mei Otis. Aesop. Corinne will also work on a book printed in risography with collaborator Dr. María Rebolleda-Gómez, an evolutionary microbiologist. Additionally, they will work with Women’s Studio Workshop to produce a typographic artist’s book on queer intimacies in other species in the fall of 2022.

“Access to MCBA’s studios, equipment and expertise will provide crucial support to these projects,” Corinne shares. “As handmade books proliferate in my studio, I look forward to engaging in the community with other book artists and book arts scholars in Minnesota and by attending lectures and residencies. on the arts of the book.

The Fellows were named finalists in early May when our panel of notable jurors, Alisa Banks, Macy Chadwick and Tate Shaw, traveled to Minnesota for studio visits. Juror Macy Chadwick praised the maturity of CB and Corinne’s work.

“CB Sherlock is an accomplished book artist,” Macy said. “Each book considers form and content in a new way. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!” Of Corinne’s work, Macy wrote, “By including books in their multimedia practice, they explore storytelling in its many contemporary iterations”, adding that Corinne helps to “broaden the definition of the book”.

We invite you to learn more about the 2022 McKnight Book Artist Fellows below, view their winning portfolios, and learn about their artistic practice. Below you can also find biographical information about our jurors.