Croatia’s leading sailing charter provider, Angelina Yacht Croatia, announces the launch of a new brand strategy with updated identity guidelines on service offerings.

Angelina Yacht Charter Croatia recently updated its brand identity as part of the company’s rebranding process to improve its visibility. The move, which includes the rebranding of the company’s logotype, follows the successful launch of a newly redesigned website, to offer a combination of functionality and attractiveness and an all-inclusive offer Sailboat rental in Croatia experience to customers.

The rebranding of our boats, crew uniforms and full inventory with the new logotype and contrasting colors is an exciting new time for us and will push for positive change while building more awesome layout and visibility among the other sailing rental boats..” – Luka Šangulin, the owner of Angelina Yacht Charter.

Angelina Yacht Croatia worked with the design studio, agency D.Point Creative, to create the identity to improve visibility and make the brand recognizable to a wider charter clientele with a new brand strategy, a refresh of brand identity and updated brand identity guidelines.

One of the key aspects of the rebranding process includes the design which consists of a wordmark logo that reads “Angelina Yachtcharter” in front of the shape of a rising sun on a curved line visible from the sea, with the upper half of the sun shifted slightly above the letters. The variation of the wordmark has been selected in combination with the image of a sailing pictogram while the color scheme includes bright orange, navy blue, black and white and transparent variations. The refurbished design reflects the company’s goal of combining functionality and appeal.

According to the typography change, we developed the redesigned logotype based on the previous one keeping the essential elements in the logotype. Yet, at the same time, we are changing the colors and the “first impression” the logotype makes. The new logo is designed to be easily recognizable as the Angelina logo and spontaneously accepted as the new.” – D.Point Creative Agency.

As a leader in yacht charter in Croatia, Angelina Yacht Charter is redefining its visual identity as part of projects to continue its innovations in the yacht charter industry. In addition to simplifying and modernizing the Angelina logo, the company also ensured that the new website was user-friendly and optimized to rank high in search engines.

The new brand identity will help people easily detect the company across different channels including digital platforms as well as physical locations while promoting a professional image. It will also distinguish our brand from our competitors in marinas and boat mooring.

The final design is simple enough to allow easy recognition regardless of location, whether placed at the boom of the sail or at the bow of the boat at different bases and marinas where boats dock or in various bays of wetting. It was a carefully created modern logo that was easily identified and suitable for all uses, giving Angelina Yacht Charter the ability to use it consistently across all virtual or physical platforms. Simple enough to get noticed on the homepage of all social media channels or on the back of a shirt or hoodie worn by crew members.

The relaunch is overdue as Angelina Yacht Charter last updated the brand about eight years ago. Therefore, it was necessary to reorganize and strategize to move the business to new heights. The new branding is rolling out across multiple platforms, including the website, social media, print brochures, catalogs, crew uniforms and boat inventory such as coffee mugs, as well as advertising media, online and on the physical locations of the boats.

For more information about Angelina Yacht Charter and how to take advantage of their offers to get the best experience possible on sailboats in Croatia, visit – Angelina Yacht Charter can also be found on social media including Twitter and Facebook.

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Angelina Yacht Charter is one of the leading providers of sailboat and yacht charter services for lovers of water activities. Based in Croatia, the company has become one of the most sought-after brands in the industry, helping tourists and travelers enjoy their stay in the country. The company offers a wide range of boats to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers, uniquely combining quality and relatively affordable price, a feature that sets it apart from contemporaries.

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