TEHRAN – Training the body and increasing the motor literacy of the layers of society is essential.

Alireza Abbasi, born August 25, 1987 in Tehran, Iran, is an analyst at Kayuk Brazil and Deportivo Andalousie Colombia.

Professor Alireza Abbasi said in this regard:

Physical education through physical activity and exercise is one of the most important contributors to physical and mental health, improving emotional and social relationships and improving overall quality of life. In order to increase the motor literacy of different groups and with the aim of increasing physical activity, various educational technologies such as brochures, posters, films, software and books have been used. Physical education and sports have manifested themselves in various ways throughout the history of human life. Today’s sports are different forms of physical activity and physical education which, within the framework of the educational system of any society and with its individual and social values, ensure the intellectual development of children.

Physical literacy is a very important goal of physical education. Understanding physical literacy helps to understand the intrinsic and specific value of physical education. Physical education is not specifically about teaching sport to children and young people, nor just about finding people who have the potential to become elite players, although it is as much about children and young people as during their training. They have problems and need help catching the ball or breathing while swimming. Physical education is about encouraging every child and youth to participate in physical activity throughout their lives and supporting every child and youth on the path to physical literacy. Physical literacy requires a belief in the general nature of the individual in terms of the interaction of abilities. “Because everyone is talented, physical literacy can be described as the motivation, self-confidence, physical fitness, knowledge and understanding of maintaining physical activity throughout life.” assuming that each trait is equally important.

The key to understanding physical literacy is understanding that movement is an important part of being human and that movement is essential to health and an important part of our lives.

The World Federation’s international bodybuilding and personal fitness coach added:

Physical education and sports as an effective social phenomenon have penetrated into various dimensions of society and people’s lives and become an integral part of life. The growing broadcast of sports has led to the creation of sports-specific television channels in most countries of the world. Publishes sports newspapers and magazines and thousands of books on other fitness activities. The serious attention of governments and politicians to the sector of physical education and sports, the interest in watching and constantly monitoring the results of competitions have also increased its importance.

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