The awards are a celebration of the most influential and innovative CEOs around the world, across a wide variety of industries. Instead of focusing on a company’s overall successes, as many business awards do, the spotlight is instead on the leaders behind them. The goal is to give worthy executives the recognition they deserve, while inspiring others to achieve similar success. Albin Kaelin from EPEA Switzerland was the big winner in two categories:

  • ‘The most innovative CEO in the global textile industry’
  • “Corporate leadership and outstanding contribution to sustainable manufacturing”

EPEA Switzerland is an accredited assessor for the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification. This Cradle-to-Cradle concept offers the strictest and most holistic framework for circular models, encouraging excellence and professionalism. Albin brings 30 years of experience in Cradle to Cradle and the circular economy and was the first person in the world to integrate the concept into the industrial landscape. It particularly focuses on the textile industry; a sector that has become notorious for its enormous carbon footprint. He has dedicated his career to making the industry more sustainable, and his work has never been more relevant than it is today.

The company’s success – and Albin’s career – rests on two pillars; innovation and trust. The company has established an impressive network of global customers and partners over the years, and EPEA Switzerland is one of the most respected advisory bodies in the world. Europe. The goal is for the industry to move to a position where there is no waste, only nutrients, with textile products going through multiple life cycles without compromising on quality. Albin and his team advise textile producers on what they can do to protect the planet, including preventing their products from poisoning the oceans. Albin has also backed another startup called OceanSafe which helps home furnishings and fashion manufacturers across Europe and Asia ensure that their fibers are safe for biological cycles.

Circular models offer companies a longer value chain, as once an item has been used it can be sent to industrial composting to generate biogas and biomass.

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