Alamo Drafthouse has launched a new Mondo poster auction, with the goal of raising money for the Alamo Community Fund – a fund dedicated to supporting charities in each of the communities where an Alamo Drafthouse theater is located nationwide. national. This is the second Mondo poster auction held by the company, with the first taking place in December 2020. The current poster auction ends today, October 27, 2022.

The fundraiser is being hosted by Alamo Drafthouse with hosting the auction. All Mondo Movie Poster auctions are subject to standard rules. There are no reserves, $1 starting bids, no buyer’s bonuses, true cost shipping, and extended auctions, which means five minutes must pass without a bid. for the auction to close.


Additionally, everyone who purchases one or more items from the auction will receive a limited-edition, numbered letterpress print from the Newsroom. famous director Robert Rodriquez curated its “essential movies every movie buff should see before they die” for the draws. The top 250 winners of participating auctions will receive an edition of the print in an exclusive colorway signed by Rodriguez himself.

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From fundraising, Alamo Drafthouse Founder Tim League made a statement regarding both the initial auction in 2020 and ongoing fundraising. About the Alamo Community Fund, League said, “Years ago, my wife Karrie and I started the Alamo Community Fund, dedicated to supporting charities in each of the communities where we have an Alamo Drafthouse theater.” He went on to explain the origins of the current fundraiser, “as a result [of the pandemic]the Alamo Community Fund was emptied, and we are now in the process of rebuilding it.”

He continued: “To support the aim of replenishing the fund, we are holding an auction of rare and highly sought-after Mondo posters. This is the second such auction – the first, in December 2020. , was from my personal collection, sold to financially help the company through theater closures” League also added that “…100% of proceeds will go to the Alamo Community Fund, which, among other charities, supports the at-risk youth education, sustainability and initiatives that reduce homelessness.”

Mondo Posters was founded in 2004 and is a former subsidiary of Alamo Drafthouse. The company is known for its limited-edition screen-printed posters, which are often considered collector’s items. You can find out more about the fundraiser, which ends today, October 27, 2022, here, and you can also participate in the auction and bring home some stunning works of art. You can also view the fundraising promotional video below.