The government of Ondo state hit back at the People’s Democratic Party over the latter’s allegation of business registration by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

The opposition party alleged that Akeredolu registered 13 different companies for his family members through which he allegedly awarded contracts to siphon off state resources.

The party also alleged that the government wasted a sum of 500 million naira on a program – the Sunshine Countdown Concert on December 31, 2021. The concert was allegedly anchored by Micheal Olatunde, Akeredolu’s son-in-law.

PDP Publicity Secretary Kennedy Peretei said in a statement titled “Akeredolu maladministration in Ondo State (10): a family looting.” “

The statement read: “Immediately Akeredolu was sworn in as governor of Ondo State in 2017, he registered around 13 companies. These companies were shamelessly used by the first family to receive contracts from government ministries and departments. Audits by the Abuja Corporate Affairs Commission have shown that all companies have the same or related directors and secretaries. When state contractors barely get paid for the work, those assigned to the first family get prompt payment, and to make matters worse, they and some of their buddies brag about it.

However, State Information and Guidance Commissioner Donald Ojogo said in a statement on Monday that the PDP’s claim was unfounded as the opposition had no evidence.

In the statement titled “Minors’ opposition, pedestrian talks expose your void,” Ojogo asked the PDP to release details of businesses linked to the governor’s family and report the case to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. .

He said: “Their claims about 13 businesses that they claimed were registered by the governor’s family in 2017 without evidence expose the youthful and pedestrian calm of the PDP. It is a pure waste of valuable media space to assert without proof to prove. We challenge PDP to publish the names of the directors of these companies as well as the names of these companies.

“Of the alleged expenditure of 500 million naira by the Ondo State Ministry of Information on the countdown to 2022, this is not only laughable but presents the PDP as the least serious. The inconsistency in their lies is legendary as their first outing indicated 200 million naira for the same subject. The public deserves to know more. Therefore, PDP should hurry to report this to the EFCC for investigation.

“While it is clear that the insidious PDP nude dancing manifests the height of idleness and political depression, the party’s persistence in displaying an eerie posture on the path of unbelievable lies begs the question as to whether the PDP is respecting or not the public of Ondo State at all. No serious public takes such discussions in beer halls seriously.

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