F. Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation

1. This is the date, time and place of the continuation of the public hearing of December 6, 2021 on a resolution to accept an offer to purchase three (3) parcels of land owned by the City of Waverly.

The Mayor and City Council will take note of any comments. After all the comments,

the hearing will be declared closed and the next action will be considered.

Approve Resolution 22-04, authorizing the sale of three (3) parcels of land described as Parcel M (parcel no. 0904300015) and parcel N (parcel no. 0904300013) and parcel “O” (parcel no. 0904300016 ) owned by the City of Waverly for $1,855,877.00 to purchaser Waverly Holdings, LLC, of ​​Waverly, Iowa.

H. Public comments on items not on the agenda (Please limit your comments to five minutes unless additional time is granted by the presiding officer. All comments should be addressed to the Board in its together and not to an individual member.)

I. Consent Schedule (The following items will be dealt with by voice vote on a single motion without separate discussion, unless someone from Council or the public requests that a specific item be considered separately.)

1. Pay WHKS & Co.’s claim for the removal of the 3rd Street SE Bridge in the amount of $3,973.28.

2. Request for payment from Building & Grounds, LLC for the 2021 South Riverside Plaza in the amount of $31,669.00.

3. Request for payment from Cardinal Construction Inc. for the 2020 South Riverside Park and Shelter in the amount of $4,774.50.

4. Request for payment from Nagle Signs Inc. for park signs in the amount of $27,906.20.

5. Gridor Construction, Inc. Request for Payment for 2020 WPC Facility Improvements in the amount of $932,314.80.

6. Claim for payment from Pit Pros, Inc. for transportation and disposal of fall 2021 sludge in the amount of $39,568.07

7. Class C Liquor License for Waverly Area Veterans Post.

8. Class C liquor license for Joe’s Knight Hawk.

1. Review of the City of Waverly’s 2021 fiscal year audit by Chad Regnier of Williams & Company PC

2. Presentation by Kristofer Orth of the Farnsworth Group on the 117 1st Street NE Building.

3. Resolution 22-05, a resolution approving Change Order No. 1 and approving Request for Payment No. 11 for the Utilities Center – North Addition 2021 project.

4. Resolution 22-06, a resolution approving Change Order No. 1, accepting the 3rd Street SE Bridge Removal 2021 project as complete and approving Compensation Estimate No. 3 as the final request for payment.

5. Resolution 22-07, a resolution directing city staff to prepare an amendment to the City of Waverly code that would allow vehicles known as utility vehicles or UTVs to be driven on public roads by drivers licensed in the City of Waverly.

6. Resolution 22-08, a resolution approving lease agreements between the City of Waverly and Lonnie Even, James Janssen and William Lowe for property adjacent to the airport.

K. Reports of councils and commissions

1. Minutes of the Human Equity and Diversity Commission of December 14, 2021

2. October 2021 Monthly Financial Statements

3. Monthly financial statements for November 2021

4. Monthly financial statements December 2021

5. Minutes of the Recreation Services Commission of November 18, 2021

6. January 2022 senior calendar