When should a person or couple start researching communities like The Baldwin?

The earliest would be best! One of the most common things we hear from residents of our sister community is “I wish I had moved in sooner”. Don’t wait until you think you need health care. Move in while you’re still young and healthy enough to take full advantage of all the community has to offer. The average age of people who have already made a deposit on their new home at The Baudouin is 74 years old. With a plan in place, they now have the time to plan for a stress-free move, and they’ll be ready – and young enough – to fully enjoy The Baldwin lifestyle when we open in the summer of 2023.

What is unique about your community?

The Baldwin is unique in many ways. One major difference is that we offer a choice of contracts so residents can choose the arrangement that best suits their needs and goals. We will also have a flexible health care delivery system that will allow residents to choose how and where they will receive the care they need. The Baldwin will not move residents through predetermined levels of care like some communities do.

Our intergenerational location is another big advantage. Rather than being sequestered with people their own age, our pedestrian location at Woodmont Commons and the public spaces built into The Baldwin mean residents will interact with people of all ages on a daily basis. Additionally, we will have partnerships with area schools, the University of New Hampshire and other organizations that will provide volunteer and mentoring opportunities, both for residents and for students interested in working in the areas. health care or retirement homes. As in our sister community, residents of The Baldwin will also have a voice and partnership with management to shape the community.

– Maria Byrne, Director of Sales, The Baudouin