A Black Angus cow that had escaped from a trailer taking her to her new home in Frederika from the Waverly Sale Barn ended up in Kohlmann Park on Wednesday morning.

The animal found its owner after a two-hour ordeal, causing some traffic disruptions around the park.

The incident posed no danger to the public, Waverly Police Chief Rich Pursell told Waverly Newspapers.

Police received a call around 11 a.m. about a cow wandering into someone’s yard in the northwest part of town, Pursell said.

Two police officers and a DNR agent were dispatched to handle the situation and by the time they arrived the cow was already in the pen.

There, with the help of eight residents, he was finally herded into his owner’s trailer.

The owner didn’t realize the cow was missing until after it arrived at his farm, and it took police some time to determine who the animal belonged to.

The cow kicked the back of the trailer, Pursell told the newspaper.

Officers and citizens tried to block him from reaching Bremer Avenue, which is a national highway and a major thoroughfare through the city.

Eventually, the cow cooperated and was pulled back into the trailer around the 600 block of Fifth Avenue Northwest.

A few years ago, a bull was spotted in the vicinity of West Cedar Elementary and eventually had to be put down.

Phil Trimble, one of the residents who helped with traffic, said he was surprised to see the cow in the park.

“It caused a bit of traffic disruption,” he said.