If you work with sales professionals, it’s no secret that they don’t always have easy access to the brand marketing materials they need. Creating custom materials takes a lot of valuable time and can also involve lots of back and forth communication with sales, marketing, and creative teams to finalize a single document. According to a recent survey by Santa Cruz Softwarethe majority (66%) of sales professionals often had to go without the materials they needed because they were too hard to find or create.

In sales and marketing, personalized and branded marketing materials are the foundation for attracting and acquiring new customers. Whether it’s social media ads, promotions, event flyers, brochures or other materials, branded materials are often needed to get the message across to the right audience – and they are needed. quite frequently. According to the same study, 54% of sales professionals spend 3 or more hours per week creating personalized marketing materials. Additionally, 80% create at least 5 branded marketing materials per month.

So what makes it so difficult to create the necessary brand guarantees for a project? Much of the challenge comes from the inevitable back and forth between the different teams involved in a project. Creating even a single piece of marketing collateral can take a lot of teamwork between marketing, sales, and creative teams. Each team plays a different role in ensuring the materials are up to standard and create a message aligned with the brand message and in a design that matches the brand guidelines.

For an improved workflow, an overwhelming majority (89%) of professionals agree that using brand marketing templates to create the necessary marketing materials would make their lives easier.

What if we told you that scalable brand marketing models weren’t just an idea, but a reality? Brought to you by Santa Cruz Software, BrandingUI is an online brand marketing portal where design teams can plan, execute and distribute cross-media marketing materials and campaigns worldwide.

What is BrandingUI?

The BrandingUI portal is the ultimate bridge between creative, sales and marketing teams. Using BrandingUI, in a single day, you can have your own fully functional brand warranty management system for secure online design and ordering with approval workflows, production email notification.

How it works? First, hire your in-house design team or an outside agency to professionally design templates using Adobe InDesign. These design templates will be saved in the BrandingUI portal and can be viewed or edited at any time. You choose which elements of the template can be edited and which are locked, ensuring brand compliance. Then, from your web browser, instantly make templates available to your field sales reps or marketers anywhere in the world, restricting which team members can see which templates. This means that your team members will be able to create their own branded materials in no time! If needed, you can even configure final output steps, so you can require final approval or even automatically send to a nearby printer. No need to consult or have discussions with different teams.

BrandingUI lets your design team focus on strategic creative campaigns while allowing your local marketers or sales people to have the materials they need when they need them. The portal seeks to reduce the lead time to create meaningful brand materials so professionals can spend more time generating more sales. By using branded design templates, professionals expect to be able to generate approximately (30%) or more incremental sales.

Are you ready to streamline the branding process for your team? Learn more about the BrandingUI marketing portal today. For more information on the survey, download the full survey now.