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within our reach | Naval history review

In a mad world of boredom and uncertainty, resentment and conflict and normal life as we have known it to be shattered by a sadly muted pandemic and other miseries, it is easy to succumb to the impression that that’s only the worst – and to forget that wise old saying, “I cried because I […]

Tucson’s El Tiradito Shrine, Where Priva

El Tiradito Sanctuary Arizona Daily Star Kelly Presnell Gloria Rebecca Gomez for the Arizona Daily Star A year ago, Miguel Reyes’ friend passed away. He printed a few photos at his local Walgreens and took them, along with a few small candles, to El Tiradito Shrine. He had done the same for his father two […]

Are newspapers published on New Years Da...

BRITISH NEWSPAPERS are published almost every day of the year, but some dailies will not be printed on New Years Day this year. Whether national or regional, it is up to each publication to publish its articles. So which publications will publish their articles on this New Year’s Day? 1 British newspapers are published almost […]

Sadie Barnette Recovering from her fathe...

Can you describe what goes on at work? It is made up of two pages from the 500-page surveillance file the FBI amassed on my father, Rodney Barnette, who in 1968 founded the Compton Chapter of the Black Panther Party. My family filed a FOIA application in 2011 and about five years later we finally […]

Review: An Australian Alphabet by the So...

what’s new, music-theater-arts, art criticism, An Australian Alphabet The Southern Highlands Printmakers formed in 1993 as a group of printmaking enthusiasts based in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Many artists have a national and international influence, others are emerging or simply on the run. They are all technically accomplished in their dedicated printmaking […]

my word | Private utilities create ‘gol

As the economy deteriorates in the wake of the epidemic, millions of additional working families need help and discover a harsh reality: Privatization of public services has never been about ‘efficiency’ . Whether it is utilities, health care, energy, housing, pharmaceuticals, incarceration, transport, the military or social services, “privatization” is a matter of course. euphemism […]

Career in a fashion magazine: Through th...

“To survive, we need imagination”, Nonita Kalra. A force to be reckoned with, Nonita Kalra, one of the most influential people in the world of fashion, has been at the forefront of media publishing around fashion and lifestyle for more than two decades. She has worked with big names like ELLE India, Harper’s BAZAAR India, […]

What other newspapers say: recovering un...

Ever since she was in high school, Manasvi Perisetty knew she wanted to be a computer engineer. So when her acceptance letter arrived last month from the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering, Manasvi should have been elated. Instead, his anxiety arose. Her family’s pending green card application means she could be forced to […]

Faribault sector room ready for 2022

The Faribault Region Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is set to enter 2022 with a list of all of its events for the year. The Faribault Chamber has been serving businesses in the region since 1913. A flagship event organized regularly is Business Before Hours. The monthly meeting of the members is animated by a […]

Selina Thomas … Looking forward to 2022

2022 will be a year of high expectations for Selina Thomas, and not for the reasons most people might think. With continuing aspirations for an opportunity to serve on Santa Clarita City Council, for her, this is just one aspect of the year that she looks forward to.“Like most people, I look forward to the […]